Best League of Legends Tier List Maker to Use


There are numerous champions and skins in League of Legends, which has made creating tier lists commonplace within the game's community. Usually, people will create a tier list of champions based on their roles, which players use to see the best possible picks. Some people also use tier lists to rank skins for specific champions, as a majority of champions have a multitude of cosmetics.

There are many websites that people use for tier lists, but here are a couple of options that are frequently used.

Best League of Legends Tier List Maker to Use

The most frequently used and well known tier list website is "TierMaker" that allows people to use previously made templates or create new templates. This is one of the best sites to use because of that feature, and you can post the templates to the website or share them on social media.

League of Legends content creator, Nick "LS" De Cesare, has recently come out with his own tier list making website, which also includes ways for players to draft champions against each other. This website is available in multiple different languages, which will help it gain traction worldwide. There is also an upcoming feature that allows players to interact with Summoner's Rift from the website, which should be released sometime soon.