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Big Brain Wraith Play Wipes Apex Legends Squad From the Grave

You know what they say about enemy Wraith portals right? Never take them because most of them are traps.
You know what they say about enemy Wraith portals right? Never take them because most of them are traps. / Photo courtesy of vegito2594, Respawn Entertainment

When realizing you're on the losing end of a fight in Apex Legends, you pretty much have two likely outcomes to envision. You empty your clip before getting gunned down, or you run away to no avail.

Well, this Wraith player had some other plans in mind, however. Check out this big brain play shared by u/vegito2594, where a player found a way to both troll and take revenge on their enemies in one fell swoop.

As posted to the r/ApexLegends subreddit with the title, "Big brain play by this wraith," it just goes to show that sometimes in battle royales, winning truly isn't everything if it means you can take down your archnemeses out of the lobby as well.

The clip starts with a lot going on. It's a Top-3 situation on Olympus, and our Wraith player is down pretty bad with one teammate's respawn timed out, another down and about to get thirsted, and their own shield down to two bars.

Rather than going into the room and trying to go out in a bullet-storm of glory, our Wraith instead pops their Dimensional Rift ult in front of the door and jumps off the map.

At this point it was entirely out of their hands and they could've just left the match. Thankfully, they didn't, however, and kept the cameras rolling to capture the greatness that soon followed.

The clip pans to the perspective of the Seer and Caustic duo, who now think that they're in the clear.

There's only one other squad left, so they just have to worry about getting out of the room.

One way is the front entrance, which suspiciously has a Wraith portal leftover. Another is to tank the mild Round 3 storm damage and go out the back. Lastly, they could simply just wait for the portal to go expire.

Well, the Seer, who at this point is the new kill leader with 10 tallies, goes head first into the portal before being spit out of the map. As a last second desperation move, they even tried climbing the wall.

Next, the Caustic leaves the death box they were looting, and completely disregards the fact that the kill feed showed both Wraith and Seer dying from fall damage.

The Caustic then takes a glance at the Seer's recover icon, says "Why not?" and takes the portal.

Finally, the game ends and we're taken to an Octane who was just emoting at some completely other point in the map. Bravo, Wraith.

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