Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 Operators Detailed

"A monstrous threat looms on Caldera, and Captain Butcher and the three members of Task Force Harpy are the first on the scene."
"A monstrous threat looms on Caldera, and Captain Butcher and the three members of Task Force Harpy are the first on the scene." / Image courtesy of Activision

As announced in the newly released Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 roadmap, three new Operators will be incorporated into the mix starting this Wednesday.

For those looking to see what Sledgehammer Games and co. have been cooking up for their next batch of playable characters, here's a breakdown of the new Operator trio making its debut with the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 3: Classified Arms, Task Force Harpy.

S.O.T.F. Harpy Coming in Season 3: Classified Arms

Available in the new battle pass and bundles during Season 3 is Special Operations Task Force 008: Harpy. Also known simply as Task Force Harpy, these three new Operators are said to be an elite trio who joined Captain Butcher in the race to uncover the purpose of a newly-discovered secret cache of prototype weapons and their role in the massive threats that lie ahead.

Task Force Harpy is the eighth Special Operations group out of Vanguard’s forerunners for tactical warfare, with each featuring a 20-level Operator XP progression path, including two Operator Quips, two Skins, XP bonuses, a Finishing Move, and more. Equip their favorite weapons and complete their individual challenges to rank up more quickly. Level all three Harpy members to 20 to unlock their Mastery Reward Operator Skins.

Mateo Hernandez (Launch)

Mateo Hernandez
Mateo Hernandez / Image courtesy of Activision

Up first is Mexican-American former World War II Navy tail gunner Mateo Hernandez, who will be available with his two Legendary Operator Skins — "Chingon" and "Madcap" — immediately at Tier 0 in the new battle pass right when Season 3 releases. Mateo was born into a large Mexican-American family in Texas, dreaming of becoming a civil engineer. He joined the Navy during World War II, fighting as a tail gunner in the Pacific. After witnessing the growing prejudice and racism against his people following the war, Mateo threw himself into campaigning for his people, speaking out against injustices as well as helping reunite families across the Mexican border. Between the mask of the grim reaper and the wild look of daring exploits, Mateo is sure to make his presence known in the battles ahead.

Florence Carter (In-Season)

Florence Carter
Florence Carter / Image courtesy of Activision

Releasing in the Florence Carter Operator Bundle shortly after the Season 3 launch will be Florence Carter, who is described as an Alabama native that dreamed of representing her country as a fighter pilot since she was a little girl. During World War II, she was determined to make those dreams come true but was turned away from those opportunities due to both her gender and her race. After the war, the S.O.T.F. recognized her talent and passion for being in the sky and Florence has flown as a rescue helicopter pilot for them ever since.

Kim Tae Young (Mid-Season)

Kim Tae Young
Kim Tae Young / Image courtesy of Activision

Lastly, Kim Tae Young will be making her in-game debut once her bundle arrives midway through Season 3. Trained by her mother as a fighter, Tae Young donned a mask to conceal her identity while helping families cross the North Korean border to safety. She soon earned a reputation amongst the Korean people as a local folk hero and keeper of justice. Even the briefest glimpse of her Dokkaebi mask instills hope in her people and fear in her enemies.

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