Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 Roadmap Revealed

Season Three of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone will launch on April 27, 2022.
Season Three of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone will launch on April 27, 2022. / Image courtesy of Activision

The Season Three roadmap for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone has officially been revealed, giving players a full-fledged, in-depth preview of what's to come starting next Wednesday.

Activision periodically releases a roadmap previewing each season prior to the update going live. This one, in particular, is one that die-hard Call of Duty fans will not want to gloss over as there is a ton of new content in terms of maps, weapons, modes, features and more in a seasonal theme of "Classified Arms."

While last time around, Activision focused on the introduction of armored war machines, chemical weapons and an intensifying global conflict, it appears Season 3's main course consists of more prototype weaponry, updated Points of Interest on Caldera, S.O.T.F Harpy and a legit Godzilla vs. Kong event dubbed as "Operation Monarch." Now, with the roadmap released, here's what Call of Duty fans can expect to see in Season 3 of Vanguard and Warzone starting on April 27.

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 3: Classified Arms

Vanguard and Warzone

Revealed to be coming to both Vanguard and Warzone in Season 3 are three new Operators and four new weapons:

  • Mateo Hernandez (Launch): "As a first-generation American, Mateo fought in the Pacific as an aerial machine-gun Operator. After serving, he continued to set precedent for his fellow Operators, being a champion for those fighting injustice and protecting the innocent in his home State."
  • Florence Carter (In-Season): "Born and raised in Alabama, Florence was determined to never give up on her childhood dream and rose to become one of the best rescue helicopter pilots across all S.O.T.F. groups. Her abilities in close-quarters combat are second only to her talent and passion for ruling the skies."
  • Kim Tae Young (Mid-Season): "Nobody knows who is behind the mask of Kim Tae Young. Trained by her mother, this unknown vigilante is known for her fighting spirit much like the fabled Dokkaebi, a mythical creature whose face is sculpted into her facial protection."
  • M1916 Marksman Rifle (Launch): "The first postlaunch rival to the trio of existing Vanguard Marksman Rifles, the M1916 is the favored weapon of one of the new Operators who is typically known for favoring long-range combat."
  • Nikita AVT Assault Rifle (Launch): "The Nikita AVT is the fastest-firing Assault Rifle in Vanguard to date, making it a great choice for SMG users who want to transition to a more midrange option."
  • Sledgehammer Melee (In-Season): "The pride and joy of a certain game development studio, the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer is a force to be reckoned with in hand-to-hand combat situations."
  • H4 Blixen SMG (Mid-Season): "Little is known of this blowback SMG except that it seems to use a 9 x 19 mm cartridge and shares some design techniques with the Sten and PPSh-41…"


The main updates coming to Warzone in Classified Arms are:

  • New "Dig Site" Point of Interest: "Get your hands dirty at this new Monarch Point of Interest between the Ruins and Mines to find Supply Boxes and clues of enemies to come."
  • New "Hold" Gulag: "Enter the Hold: a new Gulag developed by Toys for Bob. This roughly symmetrical arena is based in the belly of a ship moored just off the coast of Caldera, with identical hallways on the perimeter of an otherwise open space."
  • Operation Monarch Event: "Ancient cave paintings, massive skulls and an otherworldly axe are just some of the odd sightings around Caldera…"
  • Updates to Runway, Peak and Lagoon: "With ominous skies over Caldera, those defending the island and its secrets decided to refortify Caldera’s northern aircraft Runway and its stronghold on the Peak after two seasons of being under construction. Meanwhile, the recent storm front caused the tide to roll in on the Lagoon, revealing another path to the Lighthouse."

Additionally, on top of the Operators and weapons listed earlier that will be making their Warzone debuts from the Vanguard era, players can also expect some new content from the Black Ops Cold War side of the things as well. On April 15, Treyarch teased that an "all-new ranged weapon," a new melee weapon, a "familiar face from the Campaign," as well as other new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Finishing Moves, Calling Cards, Charms, Emblems and other cosmetics will be arriving in a new series of store bundles throughout the months to come.


In addition to a new season of Ranked Play for Multiplayer, as well as support for the latest weapons, new Weapon Unlock Challenges, 20 new Season Challenges and additional bug/stability fixes in Zombies, the headliner for Season 3 in Vanguard is the addition of two new maps and the return of the Trophy System.

  • Mayhem (Launch): "If you have loved Das Haus and the other tighter maps in Vanguard thus far, then prepare for literal Mayhem at the start of the season. This 1950s movie set is built for fast-paced combat. Move quickly and take center stage in this warehouse-turned-mock-city, with multiple destructible elements throughout a small-scale replica of a bustling metropolis. The roughly three-lane design has an open roof that you can rain Killstreaks down on."
  • Sphere (In-Season): "Beneath the façade of a coal mine is a hidden weapons lab brimming with secrets. This small-sized map features dual layers that use plenty of interior space to facilitate fast-paced close-quarter-combat opportunities."
  • Trophy System Field Upgrade (Launch): "Call of Duty veterans — and current Warzone players — know this Field Upgrade well. Designed as a prototypical version of a modern portable defense tool, the Trophy System will be a new Field Upgrade in Vanguard Multiplayer this season. It intercepts Frag Grenades, Sticky Bombs and No. 69 Stun Grenades while they are still in the air, neutralizing them before they reach the area around the Trophy System. Unlike previous seasons, the Trophy System will be available for use for all Vanguard players immediately, with no Battle Pass progress required."

This new season of content will be available for players to download starting on April 26 at 12 p.m. ET for Vanguard, and on April 27 at 12 p.m. PT for Warzone.

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