Catalyst Leaked as Possible New Character Coming to Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans wondering who could be the next legend introduced to the franchise might have gotten their first clues as recent leaks have outlined possible information regarding new playable characters.

Back in March 2022, a Reddit post containing a large amount of supposed leaked information surrounding Apex Legends emerged and garnered the attention of the Apex Legends community. This leak highlighted a lot of content such as arena maps, new characters, heirlooms, and much more. Vantage and Newcastle were mentioned in this post, making this leak somewhat credible.

Recently, Twitter user SomeoneWhoLeaks revealed that one of the characters mentioned in the aforementioned Reddit post was in new lines of code. These lines of code mention the leaked legend Catalyst who could possibly be the next character coming to Apex Legends. According to the leaks, Catalyst will be a defense-focused legend and will use building abilities.

The abilities of Catalyst were fleshed out more in another Twitter post by SomeoneWhoLeaks. It appears that the new legends abilities will be Reinforce, Resin Shot, and Ferro Wall. The Apex Legends leaker also provided an image showcasing the possible scale of the Ferro Wall ability. This information appears to align with the Reddit leak as well. If the Reddit post is true then these abilities will grant Catalyst the power to create platforms that could provide both a defensive and traversal advantage for teams.

Content Creator Doja Rogue Wolf also provided an in-depth look at all of the possible new characters coming in their Youtube video, "ALL LEAKED LEGENDS in the Next 9 Seasons of Apex Legends w/gameplay | Apex Legends Leaks."

In the video, Catalysts platform-building abilities are showcased. It appears that this characters can manifest pillars on any surface creating better vantage points and cover from enemy fire. Her ultimate spawns an incredibly tall structure beneath her that gives her a chance to either get away or get a better look at enemy locations.

No official information for Respawn Entertainment has come out regarding Catalyst or any new legend appearing in the game. That being said if the leaks are true, Apex Legends players could be looking at an exciting new addition to the character roster.