Dark-Type Pokémon Weaknesses and Resistances

We've written up a comprehensive guide to dark-type Pokemon in Nintendo's classic pocket monster franchise.
We've written up a comprehensive guide to dark-type Pokemon in Nintendo's classic pocket monster franchise. / Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

We've written up a comprehensive guide to dark-type Pokemon in Nintendo's classic pocket monster franchise.

While dark-types might not have debuted with the bulk of Pokemon types, that certainly doesn't mean they've lacked presence since their release. Dark-types have easily become some of the most popular species in the community both for their edgy designs and for their powerful stats.

Dark-types make up 7.56% of all Pokemon with 69 unique species, making them the 8th rarest type in the game.

Here's what you need to know about dark-type Pokemon.

What is a Dark-type Pokemon?

Dark-types debuted in Generation II with the release of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal and the introduction of the Johto region. It was meant to give balance to Generation I's psychic-types and, clearly, its matchup reflects that. The first dark-type Pokemon from that region is #198, Murkrow -- but many more have been added since then.

Some popular additions include the Eevee-lution Umbreon, Absol, Purrloin and Liepard, Zoroark, Tyranitar, and Skuntank.

Dark-type legendaries are also fairly common to see in battle with species such as Darkrai and Urshifu.

Dark-type Weaknesses

Dark-type Pokemon have a sort of rock-paper-scissors effect when it comes to psychic and fighting-types — undoubtedly a result of their purpose of being a foil to the former. As a result, their type matchups are a bit uneven.

Dark-type Pokemon receive super effective damage from:

  • Bug-type moves
  • Fairy-type moves
  • Fighting-type moves

They also deal half-damage to:

  • Dark-types
  • Fairy-types
  • Fighting-types

Dark-type Strengths and Resistances

Dark-types are known for being tricky and clever. This is often reflected by their moves — for example: Payback and Assurance. Out of context, these present with low base power, but can deal double or more damage when under the right conditions.

Dark-type moves deal super-effective damage to:

  • Ghost-types
  • Psychic-types

Meanwhile, they receive half damage from:

  • Dark-type moves
  • Ghost-type moves

Additionally, dark-types are immune to psychic-type moves.

Dark-type passive abilities, like Prankster, share this feat and Prankster, specifically, has quite the reputation in the competitive scene when used with Purrloin or Liepard.

Best Counters for Dark-type Pokemon

The best counters for dark-types are fairy and fighting-types as these two are the most beneficial types placed squarely within the matchup. Unfortunately, there isn't a fighting and fairy-type species in the PokeDex — at least, not yet — so we've broken the list into two.

The best fighting-type counters for dark-types include species Heracross, Machamp, Sirfetch'd, and Lucario.

The best fairy-type counters would be the likes of Togekiss, Slyveon, Whimsicott, and Tapu Koko.

The best of the bunch is easily Heracross. This species is both bug and fighting-type, placing it within the bracket for best offensive counters. However, it doesn't benefit from receiving half-damage.

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