Dead by Daylight Bone Chill Rewards Revealed

Dead By Daylight's Bone Chill Event is Live now
Dead By Daylight's Bone Chill Event is Live now / Photo Courtesy of Behaviour

Behaviour has announced the Bone Chill event in Dead by Daylight, featuring a new Snowman gameplay mechanic, unlockable holiday cosmetics and charms, daily in-game currency login, new Instagram filters, and plenty of festive atmospheres to enjoy.

You can earn these rewards in multiple ways by playing DBD. Here's the available Bone Chill Rewards you can earn in Dead By Daylight.

Dead by Daylight Bone Chill Rewards

Dead By Daylight as an active Snowman challenge that you can complete once in every trial you play. By interacting in the following ways with snowmen in the map, you can unlock rewards:

  • If a Survivor uses a Snowman to protect themselves from a Killer's attack
  • If a Killer hits a Snowman while a Survivor is hiding inside
  • If a Survivor escapes through the Exit Gates while inside a Snowman

You can unlock the following rewards for completing any one of these tasks in a trial:

  • Ugly Sweaters for Yun-Jin Lee, Mikaela Reid, and newcomer Jonah Vasquez.
  • Cocoa Dip, Christmas Inferno, or Gift Hatch Charms
  • Frosty Eyes Cosmetics for The Trickster and The Artist killers
  • Bone Chill Event Weapons for The Wraith and The Hag

In addition, Bone Chill also offers daily log-in rewards for just playing the game every day until the event ends. According to the DBD team, the daily login rewards include various forms of in-game currency, including Bloodpoints, Iridescent Shards, and Rift Fragments.

New cosmetic collections are also available in the store now, so get them while you can. The event ends on Dec. 23, but the daily log-in rewards last until Jan. 5.