Diablo Immortal Hidden Caps Explained

Blizzard's latest Diablo game, Diablo Immortal, has received heavy criticism for its alleged "pay-to-win" mechanics.
Blizzard's latest Diablo game, Diablo Immortal, has received heavy criticism for its alleged "pay-to-win" mechanics. / Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo Immortal has had a controversial launch, to say the least, receiving heavy criticism for its alleged "pay-to-win" mechanics in recent weeks.

Upon its June 2 launch, the free-to-play, MMO action RPG has been called out by many in the Diablo community for its "aggressive" microtransactions and "money-grabbing" behavior. In addition to the notorious $110,000 price tag to fully upgrade a character and the in-game shop's arguably deceitful base Eternal Orb pack, players like echohack have quickly discovered hidden progression caps that seemingly limit the amount of loot players can grind to get for free per day.

Diablo Immortal Hidden Caps: Full List

Aside from there being the Paragon Level hard timegates for blacksmith gear upgrades, which restrict players from spending blacksmith upgrade materials they earn for free, Diablo Immortal has a number of hidden soft caps that drastically drop the value of continuing to do certain things.

As compiled on Reddit by fticon, here are all of the hidden caps that have been discovered so far in Diablo Immortal:

  • Legendary and Set Pieces: five or six drop per day, then drop rates decrease drastically
  • Normal Gems in 4-player Dungeons: one drop per run until it's the fifth or sixth gem of the day, then the drop rate decreases to one per hour
  • Sidequests (3! Blue Marks): first six quests reward three Yellow Materials, then it's harder to show new quests
  • Purple World Boss Quests: first five bosses reward three Yellow Materials, then they stop dropping
  • Popup Side Quests (Blue or Eliminate x Monsters): first five quests reward up to five Yellow Materials, then they stop dropping
  • Library of Zoltun Kulle 5 Pages: can summon the bosses once a day, only one of the dungeons solely drops materials
  • Hidden Lairs: can earn a maximum of six normal gems per day
  • Cursed Chests: five Yellow Mats drop per day, then it stops dropping
  • Daily Bestiary: can trade 10 Monster Essence (stops dropping after having 10) for a new Bestiary Page up to three times a day / after the 3rd daily page, can exchange 10 Monster Essence for random prizes / there is a 30% chance to receive a duplicated entry / there is a higher chance of getting three duplicated page entries in a row after 60 pages / can get up to three legendaries on a single turn in
  • Westmarch's Rarities and Antiquities Merchant Yakin: the daily limit for buying gold random items is 25, it gets more expensive (150%) after the 10th purchase

Ultimately, although casual players are less likely to run into these restrictions, it's certainly easy to understand why there are those who are annoyed by these hidden caps. After all, these aren’t clearly broadcasted in the main game, meaning it's possible to hit the reward ceilings without knowing it unless you've kept track of what rewards you’ve earned in a day.