Did the Nemesis AR Get Buffed in Apex Legends?

The Nemesis AR received some changes in Apex Legends.
The Nemesis AR received some changes in Apex Legends. / Respawn Entertainment

Despite recent nerfs, players think the Nemesis AR actually got buffed in Apex Legends.

It is no secret that the Nemesis Burst AR dominates the long-range meta in Apex Legends. Even after multiple weapon changes as Season 17 transitioned to Season 18, the Nemesis AR stayed atop the meta. In fact, the gun was so good many players demanded the developers deliver a nerf in Apex Legends: Resurrection.

The Harbingers Collection Event patch notes answered the community's concerns and finally nerfed the overpowered AR, reducing its damage to 16 and increasing its ADS recoil. Just a few weeks after the patch, though, some casual and professional players noticed just how broken the Nemesis Burst AR remains.

Did the Nemesis AR Get Buffed in Apex Legends?

Yes, the Nemesis AR might have gotten a secret buff in Apex Legends Season 18. Although the recent patch did properly nerf the gun's damage, it looks like the gun shoots straighter than ever before.

Apex Legends content creator, Jack "NiceWigg" Martin recently tested all the buffs and nerfs from the Harbingers Collection Event patch notes in the Agility Course. He demonstrated a "before and after" for the Nemesis AR, and the results shocked him and his viewers.

After comparing the two bullet patterns, he lingers on the "after" shots and says, "That looks more accurate. It's literally a straight line." He then points out in disbelief, "The 'before' is literally slanted!"

Although the Nemesis' damage got nerfed, the gun's consistency and recoil got buffed, albeit unintentionally.

Best Long-Range Weapons in Apex Legends Season 18

The best long-range weapons in Apex Legends Season 18 are as follows:

  • R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle
  • Nemesis Burst Assault Rifle
  • Kraber .50 Cal Sniper Rifle
  • VK-47 Flatline Assault Rifle

When Does the Harbingers Collection Event End in Apex Legends?

The Harbingers Collection Event ends on Tuesday, Oct. 3 in Apex Legends. Players who did not unlock Fuse's Heirloom or the other 24 limited-time cosmetics will have to wait for the rumored Doppelgangers Collection Event to get their hands on more exclusive cosmetics, including the Revenant Prestige skin.