DOOM Eternal DLC Plans: What's Been Announced?

Official artwork for DOOM Eternal
Official artwork for DOOM Eternal / id Software

DOOM Eternal DLC plans are the newest hot topic in id Software's fan community. Many players have already made their way through the developed content in Eternal—and while some are trying to accomplish a perfect run, others are wondering if there's new content on the Horizon.

The DOOM franchise has seen multiple iterations over the years. While several titles and collectibles still exist, we can't shame players for casting their gaze to the open hellish skies and wondering what more could possibly await them. Especially since Bethesda Softworks let the cat out of the bag months before Eternal even hit the market.

Here's what we can tell you about DOOM Eternal's DLC plans.

DOOM Eternal DLC Plans

Sharp-eyed fans may have noticed a special feature of the DOOM Eternal Collector's Edition. According to Bethesda, owners of this edition get the "DOOM Eternal Year One Pass" which entitles them to two single-player campaigns that will be made available in the following year. This most likely means that players can expect their DLCs before the end of 2020.

Executive Producer Marty Stratton confirmed this statement in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine last February.

"We see hundreds and hundreds of thousand players continuing to play Doom 2016, and we’ve got nothing [for them]. They’ve asked for more DLC, they’ve asked for more ways to play," he said, "So I’m really excited about things like Master Levels, and the DLC that we have, new challenges that we’ll be offering on a monthly or weekly basis. We’ll be continuing to support Battle Mode, adding Invasion."

We’ve got so much that we want to do post-launch, really giving players what they’ve been asking us for, coming back for more of the game, and giving them some more variety in that experience.

Marty Stratton, Executive Producer

Additionally, id's team has planned its game to be void of things like micro-transactions or built-in stores. Cosmetic rewards, extra lives, and other collectibles must be earned through playing the game, itself.

"Eternal is a $60 game, not a free-to-play game or a mobile game. We are giving you a complete experience," said Creative Director Hugo Martin.

The DLC campaigns will revolve around how Earth first fell to the forces of Hell.