Dr Disrespect Punches Chair, Calls Out Warzone Controller Players for Aim Assist 'Training Wheels'

“I’m so sick and tired, man!”
“I’m so sick and tired, man!” / Photo courtesy of Dr Disrespect, Activision

Dr Disrespect's utter disdain for aim assist in Warzone was on full display once again on Thursday, after the two-time champ smacked his chair and had some choice words for controller Call of Duty players.

The self-proclaimed "most ruthless, athletic competitor in video game history," all those who've watched Doc know that he is far from a shy character, whether it be demanding Activision to nerf certain weapons or opening his own game design studio.

During The Last Dance in Verdansk $25,000 Qualifier on Oct. 20, Dr Disrespect just had enough of it.

In Game 1 of 6 for the event, things were going pretty smoothly for Dr Disrespect and fellow duo TimTheTatman.

The star pairing were able to land uncontested by Superstore, stack up $13,000 shortly after and even secure their custom loadouts and a UAV.

Some running around and looting later, Doc was able to able to get a cheeky down with his Pelington 703 before his attention was averted to the event's eventual champs in Tommey and Almxnd_, who were sitting on the roof of building nearby.

Feeling himself and his aim, Dr Disrespect called for Almxnd_ to peak him, throwing a flier Semtex his way to let him know where he was at. Reloading his sniper while peaking out, Doc then got absolutely beamed by Tommey's custom EM2 in less than two seconds.

After watching Tommey effortless delete him in the Kill Cam, Doc let out an "Oh God" in agony before getting up, leaving the frame and delivering a 180° right hook on his gaming chair to the laughter of Tim and his chat.

"I'm so sick and tired, man," Dr Disrespect said as he sat back down. "Listen Timmy. I'm telling you right now I'm so sick and tired of this f-cking cheesy ass aim assist crossplay.

"It's just so disgusting the advantage these controller players have in this game. It's seventh grade training wheels, man."

Ultimately, Doc refused to change his stance after some members of his chat suggested that he play more for positioning and end game, making for a classic, entertaining Dr Disrespect moment overall.