Evermore Reaper Remixes Nevermore for Overwatch Anniversary Event

Evermore Reaper.
Evermore Reaper. / Courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch has announced that Evermore Reaper is a part of its Anniversary Remix: Vol. 1 skin releases.

As a part of this event, there will be 6 new skins being released. This event is remodeling past skins that players adored. This new Reaper look is based on Nevermore Reaper. Compared to the original design, this one is much lighter in color. It has a white base and includes hints of red, while maintaining its classic colors of purple and black.

Here's how to get the Evermore Reaper skin.

How to Get Evermore Reaper

Whether you want this skin because of nostalgia or solely because of its appearance, you can obtain it for your game. The Evermore Reaper skin will be up for purchase throughout the Anniversary Remix event, beginning April 5 and ending April 26. These skins will cost 3,000 coins each, and can be bought inside the game. They will also be available through loot boxes, which can be accessed through the game or by purchasing them on Battle.net.

The five other skins included in this event are:

Demon Genji based on Oni Genji
Mage Mercy based on Witch Mercy
Steelhardt Reinhardt based on Blackheart and Stonehardt Reinhardt
• White Cat D.Va based on Black Cat D.Va
• Zealot Zenyatta based on Cultist Zenyatta

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