Fall Guys Zombies Map for Black Ops 3 Goes Viral

"The Fall Guys you know and love have fallen prey to a monstrous disease, crazed hunger they now roam the earth as the undead."
"The Fall Guys you know and love have fallen prey to a monstrous disease, crazed hunger they now roam the earth as the undead." / Image courtesy of llStevell, IceGrenade

With the amount of success Fall Guys has seen in recent weeks, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the Call of Duty community got involved.

Because Fall Guys is a free-to-play, obstacle course battle royale with cross-platform support, it's easy to see why fans of many gaming genres aren't afraid to give Fall Guys a shot. With all the uncontrollable chaos that ends up transpiring in the game, however, it appears this Black Ops 3 Zombies community-made map is perfect for those who are done trying to control the jellybean-like creatures.

IceGrenade's Fall Guys Tribute Map: How to Play

"The Fall Guys you know and love have fallen prey to a monstrous disease," reads the description for Fall Guys Zombies, a Black Ops 3 Steam Workshop add-on made by IceGrenade, "crazed hunger they now roam the earth as the undead. I hear there is still a population of Fall Guys untouched by this disease, but first you must make it through the hordes of zombies to get to the safe lands! Good Luck!"

The map was originally released in September 2020, a month after the initial launch of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. At the time, IceGrenade mentioned how the game immediately appealed to them.

"The New Fall Guys game is an incredible game that I really enjoy to play," IceGrenade wrote. "The perfect mix of the crazy Takeshi's castle tv show, Total Wipeout mixed in with the mechanics and style of Human Fall Flat & Gang Beasts (All incredible shows & games). I felt like it was necessary to combine my 2 favourite games right now into a crazy zombies experience.

"This map is a tribute to Fall Guys. I hope you can enjoy this project as much as I have making it and playing it!"

A quick YouTube search for "fall guys zombies" shows that several content creators have since streamed gameplay of the map, something that has started to go viral once again with the game recently going free-to-play.

The map itself appears to be well-designed, with five repurposed Fall Guys levels and one self-made concept for players to clear last:

  • Jump Club
  • Slime Climb
  • Door Dash
  • Tail Tag
  • Block Party
  • Loco Lanes

The first section is Jump Club, and comes complete with the spinners, an array of perk vending machines and a Pack-a-Punch box. In order to teleport to the next level, players must tally near 230 combined kills.

Per the map's description, there are 1,500 lines of bespoke custom code, custom round sounds, a custom music system, a custom quest system, difficulty options and even weapons from Call of Duty: Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare.

For those on PC with Black Ops 3 installed, feel free to check out the Fall Guys-inspired map here.

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