Fan-Made Crypto Rework is Going Viral

Crypto in Apex Legends
Crypto in Apex Legends / Credit to Ea/Respawn

Recon characters in Apex Legends are experts in information. They're able to discover future ring locations and in some form or another reveal enemy locations around them. Many recon legends are considered the best in the game, but Crypto, the game's off-grid hacker, has chronically struggled with a low pick rate. This is due in large part to his kit, which revolves heavily around a drone that Crypto himself must be stationary to use.

There have been discussions before concerning how to make Crypto less vulnerable while still providing crucial information to his team, but Reddit user Idiroon's rework has gained the most traction recently. The rework would make Crypto harder to discover by other recon enemies while using his drone and add versatility to how his drone is used. Crypto's Ultimate was untouched in this rework.

Changes to His Tactical Ability

As it stands, there is only one way to utilize Crypto's drone. Players have to manually pilot the drone in a certain radius around Crypto before either leaving it in a position to act as a security camera or recalling it to its holster. Under this fan-made rework, however, the drone would earn three additional auto-pilot modes.

The lead mode would have the drone stay a short distance ahead of Crypto as he traversed the map. This would allow the drone to act as a constant scan, but only for a short distance immediately in front and slightly above Crypto.

The second mode is patrol mode. When activated in this mode the drone would fly above crypto and circle him in a set radius while scanning outwards. This would be best used immediately after a team fight to detect for more incoming enemies as your team loots.

The final mode would be scout mode. Scout mode would allow Crypto to ping a location for the drone to automatically fly to in a straight line, scanning the journey there as well. The drone can be blocked by buildings and walls in this mode.

Changes to His Passive Ability

Currently, Crypto's passive allows his entire team to see what the drone highlights, but other recon legends like Bloodhound and Seer offer similar information and have additional passives. With this rework, Crypto earns a passive that feels much more appropriate to the character canonically. Crypto's lore makes it obvious that he is obsessed with security and remaining off the grid, so it only makes sense that he has a passive that reflects that history.

The new passive would keep Crypto unmarked by other recon legend abilities while he is manually operating the drone. He would still be able to be marked while moving or using any of the auto-pilot modes of his drone.

The Apex community on Reddit has responded positively and many have expressed their hope that some variation of this fan rework be implemented in the game.