FIFA 22 December Promotion Calendar: What's Expected

December will be a big month for FIFA 22.
December will be a big month for FIFA 22. / Courtesy of EA SPORTS

December is set to be a big month in FIFA 22, with a variety of promos coming to the game. With a great Black Friday promo rounding out November, there's more to come this month with the Holidays around the corner.

Here's a calendar breakdown of what to expect in FIFA Ultimate Team in December.

FIFA 22 December Promotion Calendar

There's plenty of new content to expect this December in FIFA 22. Here's a list of promotions that should be coming this month in Ultimate Team

Team of the Group Stage (Dec. 3)

TOTGS is the first confirmed promotion and date we have for December in FUT. A new team of players who performed well for their squads in the European competitions will be receiving boosted items in-game. The promotion will likely feature one squad and a mini-release, and last for one week, as most promotions do.

FUT FREEZE (Dec. 10?)

FUT Freeze began on Dec. 11 in FIFA 21, so this date makes sense for this year's promotion. The promotion replaced FUTMAS a few years ago but still runs for longer than most promos like FUTMAS did. FUT Freeze grants certain players not just boosted special cards, but position changes as well.

This promo was filled with big cards in FIFA 21, including a CDM Marquinhos. Here's hoping we'll have even more big cards in packs and in daily SBCs this year.

Road to the Final? (Dec. 24)

This is where things get interesting. With the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League group stages all wrapping up between Tuesday, Dec. 7, and Thursday, Dec. 9, there are still some teams in the running for a qualifying spot in the round of 16.

On top of that, with FUT Freeze in such close vicinity, it'll be interesting to see what EA does with scheduling the annual RTTF promo. Last year, we did not have a RTTK promotion, so now with needing another live promotion for the European competitions, maybe EA will overlap the promotion with FUT Freeze. We'll have to wait and see