Frustrating Apex Legends Bug Causes Caustic Traps to Disappear

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has had some hilarious and ridiculous bugs through the years. It comes with the territory of a massively multiplayer game, but some Legends are treated poorer than others. Caustic has always been the ugly stepchild of Apex Legends. Not as mobile as the other characters in the game, Caustic's playstyle is based around camping and holding choke points.

It attracts a certain type of player and Caustic hasn't been focused on by Respawn compared to other Legends. Which is why this bug still exists. This isn't something that recently appeared with a new patch. This has been a problem since Season 3.

The clip is titled "Why has this never been fixed? It’s gotten me killed a number of times." The title may be a bit dramatic as the player is fine during the bug, but it does bring up a good point. This could happen at any time and ruin a great game. If you're planning on your traps blocking the door, it would ruin everything if it just dissappeared.

And that's the case in the clip. As they are reviving their duo, the trap blocking the door magically disappears.

One Redditor commented with a similar story, "That started to happen me back in season 3 and I was so confused. And I saw another post like few weeks ago about someone getting crashed by his own trap. I was surprised they still didnt fix it and I honestly didnt encounter it because since I got it back in season 3 I never tried staying close to my trap or doors. And Ive honestly couldnt use Caustic as efficiently the more bugs I found."

Most of these type of stories end with hope of a quick fix from Respawn, but since this problem has persisted for years, plan on playing through these annoying bugs.