FUT Week in Review: Icon Swaps Handicapped by Botched Release and Time Restrictions

FIFA Ultimate Team experienced yet another week of mishaps that overshadowed some positive content releases.

Last week was hyped up for two specific reasons: a Premier League Player of the Month SBC and the debut of Icon Swaps. Both releases, as in the norm now for FIFA apparently, had some sort of controversy.

At least those two promotions weren't the only two content drops this week. How did EA fare after a tumultuous week? Here's your FUT Week in Review.

FUT Week in Review: First Two Flashback Players of FIFA 20

EA released the first two Flashback player SBCs this week: Theo Walcott and Lukasz Piszczek. Both cards came in around 140,000 coins to complete from scratch. Many were torn on Walcott considering other options at RW for PL teams, but Piszczek was a positive release.

The Polish right back draws comparisons to Flashback Juanfran and Dani Alves from FIFA 19. Many regretted not completing both cards considering they were the best RBs in their leagues for sometime. With how strong the Bundesliga is defensively, Piszczek was a must-complete for one columnist.

Aubameyang POTM FIFA 20: EA Doesn't Provide Enough Incentive

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang won the Premier League POTM award for his five goals in September.

As a gooner, I was gonna complete PEA no matter what, especially with how content creators rave about his base gold card. Then, EA released a questionable card for way too many coins.

Four segments with two 87 and 85 rated squads left fans scratching their heads considering Aubameyang only received minimal upgrades. It provided minimal value for coins. Understandably, releasing an overpowered PL striker would upset the balance of the game. You also don't want to release a higher-rated card considering PEA is on pace for more special cards.

The in-game stat boosts were so minimal, this SBC ended up being a hard pass for a Road to Glory player.

Icon Swaps FIFA 20: More Issues and a Time Wall

Icon Swaps was one of the most hyped promotions in FIFA Ultimate Team history. A new way to earn Icons after SBCs last year got out of control and received flak. Yet again, EA couldn't even release the promotion on time. And then, they handicapped players.

EA released Icon Swaps two hours late. Fine, you're having issues? Take the time and release it bug-free. Once it was released, criticism turned up to 11. I have no gripes with the objectives for tokens other than it'll be a little frustrating completing first owner Rivals games.

The issues herein lie with the amount of tokens released and the cost of Icons. Only 12 tokens were released with the final 12 to follow in Season 2. Automatically you're preventing players from getting Icons from Michael Ballack and on.

Finally, if you decide to go with Ballack or Andrea Pirlo, you're handicapped into five other Icons: Alessandro Nesta, Pep Guardiola, Ryan Giggs, Peter Schmeichel and Jay-Jay Okocha. The higher up you go, the less secondary Icons you have to choose from.

I understand you don't want players getting two overpowered Icons, but the promotion becomes essentially dead for those wanting the bigger Icons. If you want Steven Gerrard, a 19 token player, you either grind for all 12 and then are stuck waiting for more objectives or you grind half of the objectives and wait until more tokens are released because you can't be bothered.

Hopefully, EA listens to feedback and makes sure Icon Swaps 2 is a more positive release. In the mean time, grind for either Roberto Carlos or Pep Guardiola.

Squad Building Challenges FIFA 20: Other Releases From the Week

Outside of the major SBCs, players got three puzzle SBCs throughout the course of the week. One of which, ironically titled Strong Start, was avoidable for some if they didn't have Piemonte Calcio players in their clubs. The VOLTA puzzle was fantastic value for coins. Also, a Ligue 1 Player of the Month SBC is coming! Hooray for a new league POTM.

Tuesday and Sunday were down days. EA ignoring Sundays isn't anything new, but Tuesday's lack of content is inexcusable.

No Record Breaker Carlos Vela or End of an Era Bastian Schweinsteiger. Par for the course now, lads.

TOTW 5 Predictions FIFA 20: Who's Getting in?

Team of the Week 5 will include players from international matches, particularly Euro 2020 qualifiers. There's still two more days of fixtures, but here are six players I'm favoring after the weekend:

  • Eden Hazard - Three assists total against Kazakhstan and San Marino
  • John McGinn - Three goals against San Marino
  • Miralem Pjanic - Two goals against Finland
  • Georginio Wijnaldum - Two goals against Belarus
  • Memphis Depay - Two goals against Northern Ireland
  • Ilkay Gundogan - Two goals and an assist against Estonia

Hope you got your best Weekend League finishes possible.

FUT Week in Review Round-up

Grade: C+

Positives this week were both Flashback players. Regardless of whether you think Walcott was a good release, at least we got two non-promotional SBC cards at relatively decent prices.

Icon Swaps and Aubameyang could've been great releases, instead many were left scratching their heads. Icon Swaps is, at least, a step in the right direction and the second release should be better if EA listens to feedback.

Let's see if EA starts to ramp up Ultimate Scream this week.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports