Ghost Wraith Apex Legends: How to Get the Skin

The Ghost Wraith Apex Legends skin
The Ghost Wraith Apex Legends skin /

Ghost Wraith is Apex Legends' hottest skin at the moment, largely because of its prominent place in the currently ongoing Voidwalker Event and the surrounding lore. Now that the Ghostwraith skin is available to be added to your collection, here's how to get it.

Ghost Wraith Apex Legends: How to Get the Skin

Ghostwraith is one of the first Apex Legends skins to reflect events in the game's story rather than be just another costume.

In the "Voidwalker" animated short, Respawn Entertainment revealed that the Wraith appearing in Apex Legends earned her freedom with help from another version of herself traveling through timelines. That version of Wraith appeared wearing the Ghostwraith skin.

As Wraith's origin story is the main thrust behind the Voidwalker Event, the skin has appeared multiple times in relation to the event.

In the Ghostwraith skin, Wraith wears white and black armor with a shining, reflective purple helmet.

The Ghostwraith skin can be opened Apex Packs or purchased directly from the in-game store for 1,800 Apex Coins — roughly $18.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts