Gold Apex Legends Player Matched Against All Predator Squad

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/LazyHitman1

A Gold Apex Legends player was matched against an all-predator squad. The newest season hasn't gone without a hitch with plenty of bugs and glitches, but this problem has been around for multiple seasons. Players understand at this point, that their ranked game could be invaded by upper-tier players.

So far, it's a much harder grind to rise up the ladder which is even worse for players when they're matched up against unfair opponents.

Based on the video, the Octane player is paired with two Platinum players including a Platinum I. That's already a bit off since the Octane is only a Gold II. But once you see the Champion Squad, it's over. Three Predator's filled with predator badges from last season. One of them is ranked top-5 on the server.

The main issue is with players rising too fast through the ranks. So you're rewarded with good gameplay with better opponents. So if the matchmaking system can't find suitable opponents, it will pair you with higher ranks. It's unfortunate and will basically ruin any momentum you built up.

The problem lies with smurfs. The system is trying to distinguish dominating players in lower elos which may just be smurf accounts. So it's trying to place those smurf accounts in the proper setting. But in this case, it guessed wrong.