Gotham Knights Failed to Join Session: How to Fix the Bug

WB Montréal

There has been a bug in Gotham Knights’ multiplayer co-op mode that prohibits players from joining sessions. Gotham Knights was released on Friday, Oct. 21 and introduced a lot of new mechanics that have never been seen before in any of the Gotham City’s franchises. 

Gotham Knights is the new, highly anticipated game developed by WB Montréal that takes place outside of the Arkham universe and delves into the criminal underworld of Gotham City. Featuring iconic members of the Batman family, the game lets players choose from Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin to protect the city. The new features in the action RPG include open-world gameplay and a dynamic and highly interactive map. 

Technical troubles are normal when it comes to a new game, so for players who do not want to wait for developers to update the game, here is everything you need to know when troubleshooting this multiplayer bug.  

Gotham Knights Failed to Join Session: How to Fix the Bug

Players receive this bug when trying to join a lobby and the message “Matchmaking Error. Failed to join session” appears on the screen. The reasons as to why you might be experiencing this error are tied to the game itself. These include corrupt cache data on consoles or launcher multiplayer packages missing, the Gotham Knights starting screen, and improper game licenses.

WB made an announcement that they are currently working toward fixing the bug. Unfortunately, there is currently no guaranteed way into solving this problem. However, there are procedures players can take that have been successful in finding a solution.

1. Launch the Game from Its Own Launcher

This solution requires players to try running the game from its dedicated launcher and not the Gotham Knights launcher. For PC users, to start the game, players should double-click the executable file for Gotham Knights. For console users, find the game in your list of games.

2. Check your Internet Connection

If even the quick match option is not working, the problem is likely with your internet. For this, restart your system as well as your router to make sure there is a stable connection. For PC users, antivirus software or firewall may be blocking the game from running, so try turning it off to see if it works.

3. Check if Gotham Knights Servers are Down

To stay updated on whether it is a server-wide issue, keep an eye on WB Games' official social media accounts.