Gotham Knights Multiplayer Not Working, WB Working on Fix

WB Games

Many Batman fans have been eagerly awaiting to play online with their friends in Gotham Knights, but it seems that some have been forced to wait even longer on account of the mode not working properly.

Gotham Knights is the latest title from WB Games Montreal and one of its most prominent features has been the ability to team up with friends and patrol the streets of Gotham. Players will be able to choose between notable Batman characters Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood or Batgirl. Each of these characters provides its own unique abilities and personalities to the game.

Gotham Knights Multiplayer Not Working

Unfortunately, many games experience issues as they launch and Gotham Knights is no exception. Many Steam users have been reporting that they are unable to connect or have a friend join their game session. Those that are lucky enough to circumvent this problem can only do so for a couple of minutes before the person who joined is disconnected.

Currently, there has been no patch or update to resolve this issue. That being said this error has been reported enough times that it is currently being investigated by the team at WB Montreal. Given this information, there should hopefully be a patch addressing this problem on the way.

Gotham Knights is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.