How Long Does Supercharged Last in MLB The Show 23?

San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 23 has added numerous changes to the previous iteration of the game, including a few major one's to Diamond Dynasty.

San Diego Studios has opted to introduce sets to Diamond Dynasty cards, which means that players can only use certain cards for a limited amount of time before they are rotated out. This change was made to ensure that players had to continuously alter their lineups and make the game better to play months into the future.

Although Supercharged players were included in previous versions of the game, this system has been updated to become more rewarding and accessible to players. Here is how long Supercharged players will last in MLB The Show 23.

How Long Does Supercharged Last in MLB The Show 23?

Supercharged players will last for longer in MLB The Show 23 than they did last year, and there will always be at least one player available on a daily basis. The new Supercharged system will ensure that players stay boosted for five days, and their overall rating will increase to 99.

Importantly, there will be a fan vote for everyone to vote a specific player that deserves to be Supercharged, and these fan voted players will be attribute boosted for an entire week.