How to Check Your SBMM in Warzone

Image courtesy of Activision

Wondering how you can check your SBMM in Call of Duty: Warzone? Well, your search is over as we have the rundown on how to get that information.

Warzone can be very competitive resulting in many players searching for any and all information that can aid in their journey to the top. SBMM is one such piece of information that can provide the necessary insight to improve a player's performance.

Skill Based Matchmaking or SBMM is a method in Warzone that is integral in creating fair matches for online players. This system takes into account a player's performance in matches in order to deduce the proper lobby for them to join. Unfortunately for those wanting to improve their gameplay, a player's rank isn't made available to see.

Luckily there are online resources that provide useful insight that the game fails to provide. One noteworthy website is WZ Stats. This website specializes in providing users with match stats that give those wanting to improve a solid idea of what their SBMM situation looks like.

How to Check Your SBMM in Warzone

As mentioned previously, WZ Stats is a reliable website that allows players to see their SBMM in Warzone. In order to utilize the website information though, users will need to follow these steps. Once these steps are accomplished, WZ Stats will be able to successfully locate your profile information.

  1. Log into the Call of Duty Website
  2. Go to the "Preferences" tab
  3. Make your way to the "Privacy and Security" tab
  4. Set the "Game Tag Searchable" and "Game Play Data" options to "All"
  5. Search for your account in WZ Stats using your profile name and associated platform