How to Complete Fortnite’s Foreshadowing Quests

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Several Foreshadowing Quests have been added to Fortnite as Season 6 draws to a close and Season 7 lurks around the corner. Players can complete five quests that provide experience points and hints about what's to come in Season 7.

By directing the player to investigate various objects scattered around the island, the Foreshadowing Quests reveal bits and pieces of lore that seem to point to an alien invasion coming soon. The exact events to come in Season 7 are still a mystery.

How to Complete Fortnite’s Foreshadowing Quests

Here is a complete list of all five quests in the Foreshadowing Quest chain. Each quest rewards 24,000 experience points toward the Season 6 Battle Pass, giving players a push toward the end as Season 6 wraps up.

  • Repair damaged telescopes
  • Investigate downed black helicopter
  • Use CB radios
  • Place warning signs at crop circles
  • Destroy spooky TV sets

The quests must be completed in order, so you can't finish them all in one go. For the first quest, head to any five of the damaged telescopes, which are scattered around the edge of the map. You'll need 20 metals to repair each telescope, so make sure you have enough materials on hand.

For the second quest, you'll first need to find the downed black helicopter. It's located between Slurpy Swamp and Lazy Lake, on the north side of the lake above Misty Meadows. Once you locate it, you'll have to solve a short puzzle. Press the + (plus) and - (minus) buttons to tune the radio in the helicopter. The radio will broadcast a short message that hints at events to come.

Next, find the five CB radios scattered across the map, and investigate them to complete the third quest. The radio broadcasts will give you more clues about the upcoming alien invasion. After that, head to the Colossal Crops, and interact with the crop circles to put up warning signs.

Finally, you'll find spooky TV sets at various locations around the map. Destroy five of them by whacking at them, and the quest will be complete.

Fortnite spooky TV set Season 6
Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Throughout the Foreshadowing Quests, many clues - whether it's the messages heard on the radio or the ominous crop circles - point to an alien invasion coming to Fortnite in Season 7. How will it happen? What comes next? Players will have to stay tuned for more updates as the curtains finally close on Season 6.