How to Covert Exfil in MW3 Warzone

Here's how to Covert Exfil in MW3 Warzone.
Here's how to Covert Exfil in MW3 Warzone. / Activision

In Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1 Reloaded, fans can Covert Exfil to leave Urzikstan early and secure a few exclusive prizes.

The Warzone Season 1 Reloaded patch notes revealed a few key changes hitting the Battle Royale on Jan. 17. Not only is there a new Public Gulag Event and Champion's Quest, but there is also a new feature called Covert Exfil. Those looking for an extra challenge on Urzikstan will enjoy the addition, but some fans are already highly against the secondary win condition.

Here's a breakdown of how to Covert Exfil in MW3 Warzone.

How to Covert Exfil in MW3 Warzone

To Covert Exfil in MW3 Warzone, players must purchase one of the five available exfils in a match from a Buy Station before the Gulag closes. Those who can afford the high price will then get a helicopter to fly them out of the match before it ends.

Although a Covert Exfil might feel like a cheap secondary win, the main purpose of the new feature is to give fans a way to successfully exit a match with a Weapon Case. To receive all the exclusive prizes from a Weapon Case, likely including Weapon Blueprints, players must hold the highly sought after case until the end of a match.

Calling in the helicopter and using it to leave Urzikstan with the coveted Weapon Case is the best way to guarantee you get its exclusive prizes.

Do Covert Exfils Count As Wins in MW3 Warzone?

No, Covert Exfils do not count as wins in MW3 Warzone. Instead, successful Covert Exfils will be a completely separate statistic with its own leaderboard.

Rave Software posted on X, "Successfully extracting via Covert Exfil does not count as a traditional win - rather as a separate stat - and will not count towards Champion's Quest progress."

Although exiting a match early defeats the purpose of a Battle Royale, it will at least not count towards the new Champion's Quest, which players can only obtain by winning 30 games within a season or five consecutive matches.