How to Do a Drop Pass Deke in NHL 23

How to do a Drop Pass Deke in NHL 23
How to do a Drop Pass Deke in NHL 23 / EA

NHL 23 has a number of cool dekes and moves for players to use online while playing tough opponents, one big move to add to your skillset has to be a drop pass deke.

NHL 23 has a number of new dekes to help take your game to the next level, like the behind-the-net pass for example. Some players are still getting used to the Michigan deke that was added a few years ago, while some might be looking for a refresher on one of the older dekes in the game, the drop pass.

How to do a Drop Pass Deke in NHL 23

The controls for executing a drop pass are not that complicated, but they are different for PlayStation and Xbox so keep that in mind.

While skating up ice players will press R1 while not using the left stick to execute a drop pass on PlayStation. For Xbox the button players will want to press is RB while not using the left stick.

The important thing to note is to make sure that a skater is also behind your player otherwise the drop pass won't go to anyone and could end up giving the puck to the other team.

This is a great move in the offensive zone to screen a defender and create separation for a shot. Luckily there will be plenty of opportunities in online games to try this out.

If you are hoping to try this move out in an online game, that just got easier with the news that NHL 23 will have cross-platform matchmaking. That really will be a game changer to get into games quicker.