How to Download Warzone Pacific on PC

Image courtesy of Activision

How to download Warzone Pacific on PC is something that many are wondering about at the moment now that players are able to dive into Caldera and its integrated Vanguard content for the first time.

For those looking to check out one of the most popular free-to-play titles in the battle royale genre, here's a breakdown of how to download Warzone Pacific on PC.

How to Download Warzone Pacific on PC

First off, with all of the Call of Duty titles exclusively being available on PC via the launcher, players will first need to install the launcher from Blizzard's website.

The launcher is used to install and play other PC Activision Blizzard titles as well, from Hearthstone to Overwatch.

Once the launcher is good to go and players have their BattleTag, which can be linked to PlayStation and Xbox accounts to enable cross-progression features, Warzone Pacific can easily be found in the app's catalog of games.

From there, simply download and install the game and you're all set.

It certainly seems like a worthwhile try for PC players who haven't played Warzone Pacific before as the title has just seen its Ricochet Anti-Cheat Kernel-Level PC Driver and new flagship map in Caldera launch.

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