How to Evolve Bronzor in Pokemon BDSP

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Trainers are attempting to evolve Bronzor in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Bronzor is a Psychic and Steel type Pokemon. It can be found in eight locations throughout the game, including Wayward Cave, Route 206, Turnback Cave, Mt. Coronet, Stargleam Cavern, Rocky Cave, Icy Cave, and Glacial Cavern. Its abilities when found include Levitate, Heatproof, and Heavy Metal. Bronzor is weakest against Fire and Ground type Pokemon in battle, such as Ho-Oh and Groudon. It is strongest against Poison and Psychic type Pokemon, and is immune to Poison type damage.

Here's how to evolve Bronzor to Bronzong in Pokemon BDSP.

How to Evolve Bronzor BDSP

Bronzor can be evolved to Bronzong when you reach level 33. It will be an automatic option, and there are no other requirements to evolve your Bronzor.

Once you have evolved your Bronzor, you will find that its stats raised significantly. This is a common thread throughout the Pokemon franchise that you may be aware of. There is a big difference here, though, as Bronzor's base attack power is approximately 70 points less than Bronzong's. Bronzong's defense is also strong, which is more of an incentive to evolve your Bronzor. By evolving your Pokemon, you can optimize your battle strategies and become the best trainer out there.

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