How to Find Epic ID on Rocket League

How to Find Epic ID on Rocket League
How to Find Epic ID on Rocket League / Photo Courtesy of Psyonix

Teaming up with your friends in Rocket League makes any game more fun, and your team more successful. Sometimes using the on-screen chat simply won't cut it when you're trying to rank up. Playing with friends and communicating live is an absolute difference maker. Recently, players have had some issues adding friends on Rocket League because they can't find their Epic ID.

So we've got the information on how you can find it.

How to Find Epic ID on Rocket League

  1. To start, go to then in the top right hand corner, you'll have to sign in with your Epic Games, PlayStation, or any other account you have linked with epic games.
  2. Once you're signed in, go to the top right hand corner and hover above your name, and select account.
  3. Once you're on the Account page, in general, underneath Account Info is ID. The characters following the ID is you Epic Games ID.

If you're having trouble adding friends via their display name, this is how else you are able to add friends. If you're successful in adding them then you're well on your way to partying up in Rocket League duos, trios, or quads to start beating your opponents.