How to Get a Nuke on Urzikstan in Warzone

Here's how to get a nuke on Urzikstan in Warzone.
Here's how to get a nuke on Urzikstan in Warzone. / Activision

Wondering how to get a nuke on Urzikstan in Warzone? We have everything you need to know about the new Champion's Quest in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1.

Warzone Season 1 is the most hyped Battle Royale update in over a year. After Al Mazrah's disappointing reign, new map, Urzikstan, is finally here. With a Verdansk-inspired layout, 11 POIs, and horizontal ziplines, Urzikstan brings some much-needed excitement to Warzone. The new season also includes several gameplay adjustments, like the return of slide canceling, new Perks, and an unexpected change to the Champion's Quest.

Here's how to get a nuke on Urzikstan in Warzone.

How to Get a Nuke on Urzikstan in Warzone

To get a Nuke on Urzikstan in Warzone, players will likely have to complete the same grueling process established in the original Warzone. Fans must win five Warzone matches in a row to get started on the Champion's Quest, which ends with a game-shattering nuke.

However, Activision announced one major change coming nukes on Urzikstan. They stated, "Players can expect a new Champion’s Quest with fresh rewards for those brave and strategic enough to complete it – or steal it..."

According to the teaser, players will be able to steal another squad's Champion's Quest if they successfully eliminate them from the match. The ability to pick up someone's unfinished Champion's Quest just made getting a nuke a whole lot easier.

The statement also hints at possible new tasks coming to the Champion's Quest. In the past, players had to collect materials across the map to then build a nuke. Activision has yet to reveal the logistics of latest Champion's Quest, but it will likely present fresh tasks for players to complete on Urzikstan.

Here's When You Can Get a Nuke on Urzikstan in Warzone

Unfortunately, you cannot get a nuke on Urzikstan until Warzone Season 1 Reloaded. The midseason update is expected to drop on either Wednesday, Jan. 10 or Wednesday, Jan. 17.

The news came as a major disappointment to the Warzone community. The Champion's Quest upped the stakes of Warzone matches, and there was arguably nothing better or more satisfying than ending a game with a nuke.