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How to Get Cotton in V Rising

Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

Need to get your hands on some cotton? Here's how to find some in V Rising.

In V Rising, players awaken as a vampire who needs to prey on nearby human settlements in order to regain their strength and survive. With the game utilizing crafting as a main mechanic, you'll soon find that you'll need to get your hands on some valuable materials and resources.

One such material is cotton, used to make Cotton Yarn. Here's where to find cotton and how to turn it into yarn.

Where to Find Cotton in V Rising

First, you'll need to know where to find the raw material — cotton. Luckily, players will be able to raid Cotton Farms which are scattered across the Dunley Farmlands.

There are eight Cotton Farms across the Farmlands, where players can extract the material from the plants or check around to find some in loot. You'll need a Merciless Copper weapon or something better to harvest Cotton.

How to Make Cotton Yarn in V Rising

Once you've got some cotton, you can turn it into Cotton Yarn. Each piece of Cotton Yarn requires 15 cotton — so make sure you've gathered enough.

But, it's not enough to simply have the materials. Players will also need to use a Loom. To earn the recipe for the Loom, players will need to defeat Beatrice the Tailor, a Level 38 boss. Locate her via the Blood Altar, in the list of bosses. Click on "Track Blood" to begin tracking her down.

After defeating Beatrice, you'll earn the recipe for crafting a Loom. It requires the following materials to craft:

  • 12 Copper Ingots
  • 20 Planks
  • 4 Wool Thread

And that's all there is to it. Once you've gathered the necessary materials you'll be able to produce as much Cotton Yarn as you want.

V Rising is available now, in early access, on Microsoft Windows.

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