How to Get Lock On Pistol in Fortnite

Here's how to get the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite.
Here's how to get the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite. / Epic Games

In a surprise unvaulting by Epic Games, fans can now get the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has not had many new additions to the weapon pool since the update launched back in December. Instead, the developers brought weapon mods to the game, allowing fans to constantly change their guns by adding Optics, Underbarrels, Barrels, and Magazines at Weapon Mod Benches. The addition of the Enforcer AR last week caught the community off guard, especially after a rather slow Winterfest 2023.

Now, another weapon is joining the Battle Royale, and you might have fond (or frustrating) memories of it.

How to Get Lock On Pistol in Fortnite

To get the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite, players must find the gun from ground loot, Chests, or Supply Drones. There is also a chance you can reel one in from a fishing hole. As of now, the Lock On Pistol cannot be found in Weapon Mod Cases.

Finding a Lock On Pistol in Chapter 5 Season 1 should be quite easy. After all, Epic Games always gives unvaulted weapons a high spawn rate so fans can find them across the map. If you want to try out the weapon right away, land at a large POI, like Pleasant Piazza or Classy Courts.

Fortnite Update v28.10 Release Date

Fortnite update v28.10 will likely be released on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024. Unfortunately, fans still have to wait two weeks for the next major update to hit Chapter 5 Season 1. Until the end of the month, the community will have to deal with quick hotfixes that bring one or two new items to the game, like the Lock On Pistol.

Fortnite updates have been scarce to kick off the new year because Epic Games was on a company-wide holiday break. The developers returned from their well-earned vacation this week, so hopefully more changes are in store to close out the month in style.