How to Get Married in Cult of the Lamb

Courtesy of Massive Monster

Cult of the Lamb players may be wondering how they can get married. Getting married can increase the Faith of your followers and earn you a cool reward.

The hit new title with Twitch integration, Cult of the Lamb allows players to take the role of cult leader and expand their reach across a randomly generated world. Players have the freedom to enact a wide variety of doctrines and perform any number of rituals that provide their cult with plenty of benefits and upgrades. One such ritual is marriage, which when performed, provides 30 Faith to your cult following.

How to Get Married in Cult of the Lamb

In order to get married in Cult of the Lamb, players must first complete several pre-requisites. First, you'll need six pieces of Commandment Stones that you can gather through completing crusades. Once you've got those pieces, you can unlock doctrines, specifically the Law and Order Doctrine. The second option inside that doctrine tree is Wedding or Ritualistic Fight Pit, with the former letting you marry your followers.

Cult of the Lamb players can marry as many of their followers as they want, though they have to be careful of followers getting jealous. Once you get married for the first time, you receive "The Lovers II" tarot card reward.