How to Get More FPS in Apex Legends

Apex Legends
Apex Legends / Credit to Respawn/EA

Players need to know how to get more FPS in Apex Legends in order to make the game feel as responsive as possible.

A high FPS is crucial to a players performance in competitive games like Apex Legends. In general, a higher frame rate will make a game run smoother and reduce input lag. This is important in Apex Legends where a single split second decision can make or break a game.

How to Get More FPS in Apex Legends

These are the video settings that are likely to have the largest impact on a player's FPS in Apex Legends.

  • Display Mode: Full Screen
  • Aspect Ratio: match your monitor's native resolution (likely 16:9).
  • Resolution: matching you monitor's native resolution would be preferred, but slower PCs may need to drop the resolution.
  • Field of View: A wider field of view will allow you to see more of a scene, but will also force your GPU to render more textures which could result in a lower FPS.
  • V-Sync: Disable V-Sync to uncap your framerate limit.
  • Texture Streaming Budget: Lowering the texture streaming budget can sharply lower the game's resolution, but would likely increase the framerate.
  • Texture Filtering: Texture filtering affects the sharpness of small details in textures. Lowering this can raise the in-game framerate.
  • Ambient Occlusion Quality: Calculating how light scatters across a scene is very strenuous on a GPU. Lowering the quality of shadows and light details can have a major impact on a game's framerate.
  • Model Detail: The less detail a GPU has to render for player models the quicker it can display it on screen.
  • Effects Details: This setting determines the detail displayed for explosions and legend abilities. Lowering this will likely have a large impact on the game's framerate.

There is also the option to remove the in-game FPS cap via startup commands through both Steam and Origin. Here is the general process for removing Apex's framerate cap in both marketplaces.

  • Navigate to your Game Library
  • Find Apex Legends and right click it
  • Select game properties
  • In the field for additional launch options type +fps_maxunlimited