How to Ignite Structures for Herald Quest in Fortnite

Epic Games, Image by Fortnite Events

The Herald has made her way onto the island and we have the tips you need to complete one of the various quests required to unlock her outfit.

The Herald Quests in Fortnite presents nine unique challenges for players to complete in order to unlock the Herald skin. These challenges can range from eliminating a certain amount of opponents to destroying various objects with the Explosive Goo Gun. Each of these challenges unlocks in-game items centered around the Herald character.

The list below shows the items that are unlockable.

  • Epitaph Edge Pickaxe
  • The Herald's Leer Spray
  • Herald Banner Icon
  • Fading Ember Clock Back Bling
  • Reality's Master Emote
  • Chrome-gratulations Emoticon
  • Nothing is Happening Loading Screen
  • Heraldic Wrap
  • Burning Ember Style
  • The Herald Outfit

How to Ignite Structures for Herald Quest in Fortnite

One of the challenges to found amongst the Herald Quests is to ignite 50 structures on the island. This challenge is on the first page of the Herald Quests and unlocks the Epitaph Edge Pickaxe when completed. Accomplishing this feat will also work toward unlocking the Herald outfit as completing three challenges are required to do so.

This quest can be accomplished by obtaining Firefly Jars and throwing them at wooden structures. This method is pretty straightforward and should make this challenge a breeze. That being said, if finding Firefly Jars is proving difficult we suggest blowing up gas stations on the island. That or shooting gasoline canisters around the island are viable methods for completing this quest.