How to Level Up Weapons Fast in Warzone 2


Having trouble leveling up your weapons fast in Call of Duty: Warzone 2? Don't worry we've broken down several ways to max out your weapons as quickly as possible.

Infinity Ward introduced a different way to unlock weapons and attachments in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 as players now had to focus on leveling up specific weapon platforms in order to access the full armory available. This made leveling up each new weapon critical for players if they wanted to get their hands on a blocked weapon.

There's also the added feature of weapon tuning. This mechanic allows players to further customize up to four attachments they have equipped. This feature can only only be accessed though by reaching the maximum level of the weapon being tuned. Further adding on to the need for quick ways to level up a players weapon.

How to Level Up Weapons Fast in Warzone 2

In order to quickly level up your weapon in Warzone 2 and take full advantage of what the game has to offer, we recommend that you try out the following methods:

Make Sure You're Carrying the Weapon You Want to Level Up

Warzone 2 offers weapon XP at the end of matches for any actions completing using a certain weapon. This includes just having the weapon on you while you carry out simple tasks such as opening chests and surviving well into a match. This method is perfect for gaining passive weapon XP and making sure you're constantly upgrading your weapons.

Complete Contracts

It's also imperative for you to complete the various contracts that can be found in Al Mazrah. Specifically, you should go after the Safecracker and Secure Intel contracts. These provide incredible amounts of XP and don't require any form of combat to complete making them extremely beneficial for leveling up weapons quickly.

Don't Forget Your Double XP Tokens

This may seem like a no brainer, but making sure that the Double XP Tokens you have are being used is another great way to level up weapons quickly. These can be gained through Battle Pass and Campaign progression.

Give the DMZ Mode a Spin

Finally, play the DMZ mode. Not only is this mode a blast to play through, but it also provides a ton of objectives to complete that provide a lot of XP for your weapons. There's also the benefit that most of your enemies will be A.I combatants so you can get plenty of kills with the weapons you want to level up.