How to Rank Up Fast in Modern Warfare 2


Looking to rank up as fast as possible in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II? We've got you covered.

With Modern Warfare 2 finally here, and there still being some time until the launch of Season 1 and Warzone 2, now is the perfect time to get these base content unlocks done as soon as possible. As such, here's a breakdown of how to rank up fast in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Rank Up Fast in Modern Warfare 2

Thankfully, unlike with its weapon unlock and Camo Challenge systems, Modern Warfare 2 returns to a familiar leveling system with which COD players should feel right at home. At launch, there are 55 Military Ranks to complete, each unlocking as you receive Experience Points (XP) from actions you perform during different matches.

As such, the various core principles of leveling up still apply in MW2:

  • Complete challenges
  • Don't leave matches early so you get your match bonus
  • Play objective-based game modes
  • Use Double XP tokens
  • Play during Double XP events

However, for those looking for an extra-focused XP farming strat to rank up quickly, we'd recommend the one explained on YouTube by Average Ol’.

Essentially, what you'll want to do is go to your Killstreaks, set them to Scorestreaks, enable UAV, Counter UAV and Cruise Missile, then play Kill Confirmed.

With this setup, you get 100 XP for every kill, 75 XP for every enemy tag and 25 XP for every friendly tag, as well as all of your Scorestreaks in just four kills and one tag. Combine this with the fact that Kill Confirmed games go by quickly and are pretty easy to win, as well as all of the XP bonuses you get from your teammates getting kills while your UAVs and Counter UAVs are up, it's easy to see why this can get you ranking up in no time.

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