How to Redeem Pokémon TCG Code Cards Online

Photo by The Pokemon Company

The Pokémon GO Pokémon TCG crossover event is just days away from hitting stores and allowing you to add some incredible new cards to your collection. One bundle, the Elite Trainer Box, will feature a special Mewtwo V card and booster packs which will have a virtual card redeemable online for you to add to your TCG online deck.

Here's all the information you need to make sure you can redeem and use that card to build your TCG online deck.

How to Redeem Pokémon TCG Code Cards Online

In order to receive your virtual card for the TCG online game, you will first need to keep the download code from the physical card you receive with you and launch the Pokémon TCG Online game on your computer. From the main menu, you can then navigate to the shopping cart button to take you to the store. There should then be an option in the store to select "redeem code" and you should then be able to either use a QR scanner to obtain the card or to simply input the code into the textbox to redeem your card.

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