How to Reroll in Tower of Fantasy

Here's a breakdown of how to reroll in Tower of Fantasy.
Here's a breakdown of how to reroll in Tower of Fantasy. / Image courtesy of Level Infinite

Wondering how to reroll in Tower of Fantasy (ToF)? We've got you covered.

After initially launching in 2021 and finding success with gamers in China, ToF is now officially available worldwide.

As with any free-to-play, gacha game, something many will want to do right off the bat — especially with the pre-registration bonuses going on — is reroll until they get the characters they want. Here's a breakdown of how to reroll in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Reroll in Tower of Fantasy

First off, since the game currently has no way to delete existing characters and saves, players will likely need to create a new account with a new email address for each reroll.

It's also worth noting that it's best to hold off on using a preferred username until players get their desired reroll as it's easy to switch to that later, rather than having it tied to a bad reroll.

After logging in with a new account, the reroll process is as follows:

  1. Skip the game's intro cutscene
  2. Start the prologue quest and choose and name your character
  3. Go through the prologue normally until you reach the main hub in Aida
  4. Start the chain of tutorial quests in Aida given by Shirli, rushing through the dialogues, character creation and combat parts
  5. After unlocking exploration in Aida and the Ecological Station mission that unlocks the Simulacrum System, head to the Astra Omnium Tower and talk to the Scrapper to start the Ecological Station mission
  6. Head to the Ecological Station and eliminate the 5 intruding Hyenas inside
  7. Talk to the Scrapper to unlock a Simulacrum and the Gacha System (Note: the SR Spear received is a guaranteed drop and is not possible to reroll)
  8. Click the gift box icon in the top-right corner to access Rewards
  9. Claim the rewards on Side by Side I to get 10 Gold Nucleus
  10. Claim each reward on the Pre-Registration Milestones to get 10 more Gold Nucleus
  11. Back out and click the Mailbox icon in the top-right corner
  12. Collect the Leaderboard Appreciation Additional Rewards to get the last 10 Gold Nucleus
  13. Access the Special Orders screen and roll the 30 Gold Nucleus on the Weapons Galore banner
  14. If you're not satisfied with the gacha pulls you received, repeat the process with a new account

At the time of publication, this is the best method to reroll in ToF as players can get 30 Gold Nucleus without having to collect any around the map, which is enough to get the Soft Pity for the guaranteed SSR.

After Aug. 17 at 5 p.m. ET, the Shoulder to Shoulder Graceful Day event will change to give Red Nucleus instead of Gold Nucleus.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS and Android.