How to Save Abi in The Quarry

Abi in '80s Throwback Outfit
Abi in '80s Throwback Outfit / Image courtesy of Supermassive Games

Wondering how to save Abi in The Quarry? Here's what you need to know.

The Quarry is the latest interactive story game from Supermassive Games and a spiritual successor to Until Dawn. As always with these types of narrative games, players stand to lose and save a number of characters. With plenty of endings to earn, at some point you'll want to try and keep everyone alive — though that's often easier said than done.

The choices you make in The Quarry can have dire consequences for the game's narrative, so in order to keep everyone safe and sound you'll need to be sure you're making the right decisions. There a nine characters to keep alive throughout the game, here's how to make sure Abi remains one of them.

As you might have guessed, this article contains spoilers for The Quarry. We therefore recommend completing one playthrough independently.

How to Keep Abi Alive in The Quarry

Compared to some of the other characters, there are only a few main events to be wary of when it comes to saving Abi, largely at the mercy of other characters. Here's what you need to know.

Chapter Four

Emma escaping the werewolf encounter unscathed can be a deciding factor in Abi' survival later on in the game. It can be tricky keeping Emma alive, as one mistake during her werewolf sequence can result in her getting bitten or dying.

When Emma enters the treehouse, search the bags before opening the trapdoor. When the werewolf shows and you get the opportunity to do so, use the taser to stun the werewolf then take a picture for Evidence. Complete the quick-time events and try not to mess up. You'll only get a second try thanks to the taser, but fail after that and Emma will die.

When the werewolf corners Emma on the bridge, use the bear spray.

You'll soon need to escape using a zipline, which is important to reel in slowly. Doing so too fast will draw the attention of the werewolf on a quick-time event.

Chapter Six

Chapter 6 is move involved for Abi, and involves Nicks' transformation into a werewolf. It's a good idea to have Nick and Abi develop a strong relationship leading up the this sequence. In the pool house, nick will begin his transformation into a werewolf, during which he throws Abi across the room.

Abi will pick up a shotgun. You must shoot Nick in order to survive — doing so will cause him to runaway instead of kill Abi.

Following Nick's transformation, Emma will stumble across him being captured in the woods. It's important not to draw their attention and successfully complete the quick-time events. Emma must not get bitten by Nick. If you succeed here, Abi will not be killed later on.

Chapter Eight

If Emma was bitten by Nick during Chapter Six, then she will have transformed by Chapter Eight. The group will come across a van, from which Emma will leap out and kill Abi.

Make the right choices in all Chapters and Abi will be out of danger and safe until the end. 

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