How to Save Dylan in The Quarry

Image courtesy of Supermassive Games

Wondering how to keep Dylan alive in The Quarry? Here's what you need to know.

The Quarry is the latest interactive story game from Supermassive Games and a spiritual successor to Until Dawn. As always with these types of narrative games, players stand to lose and save a number of characters. With plenty of endings to earn, at some point you'll want to try and keep everyone alive — though that's often easier said than done.

The choices you make in The Quarry can have dire consequences for the game's narrative, so in order to keep everyone safe and sound you'll need to be sure you're making the right decisions. There a nine characters to keep alive throughout the game, here's how to make sure Dylan survives the ordeal.

As you might have guessed, this article contains spoilers for The Quarry. We therefore recommend completing one playthrough independently.

How to Keep Dylan Alive in The Quarry

There are two important chapters in The Quarry that can mean the difference between Dylan walking away (mostly) in one piece or kicking it all together.

Chapter Five

During Chapter 5, Dylan is bitten by a werewolf. He asks Ryan to cut his hand off in an attempt to stop the infection from spreading. Grab the chainsaw and cut off his hand. It's a gruesome job, but it'll do the trick.

Chapter Nine

In Chapter Nine, Dylan and Kaitlyn find themselves in the Scrapyard looking for parts. Dylan will jump into a crane to move a vehicle so Kaitlyn can search it. Whilst in the crane, he'll spot a werewolf — here, players will need to warn Kaitlyn, prompting her to hide.

Be sure not to sound the horn. Doing so will cause the werewolf to head directly to Dylan and attack him.

The werewolf will head to the car. Players will need to move the crane, swinging it around, in an attempt to knock it off. Kaitlyn will fall out of the car she was hiding in but will land safely. Press the Interact button to force the stuck lever, complete the quick-time prompts, and Dylan will drop the car onto the werewolf.

Make the right choices in both Chapters and Dylan will be out of danger and safe until the end.

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