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How to Super Slide in Halo Infinite

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Competitive Halo has long had unspoken tricks of the trade that enable players to pull off some insane movement, and Halo Infinite is no exception.

One such example is this is the super slide, which is a move that can be done in some of the more recently released titles in the series depending on the map. Here's a breakdown of how to super slide in Halo Infinite.

How to Super Slide in Halo Infinite

First off, this is a move that is easier to pull off the more repetitions players are able get in.

Additionally, it seems that there are more possibilities to do it, and it is easier, in general, to do it when your crouch bind is set to a button rather than a thumbstick, so feel free to keep that in mind as well.

In order to super slide in Halo Infinite, you will want to find an object to stand on, face the direction that you want to go, sprint, and as soon as you hit the ground, hold crouch.

This is much easier to pull off when dropping from small-to-medium sized drops from objects, which is why some refer to this move as the "curb slide" as well.

When pulled off correctly, you should notice that not only do you go much faster during the slide, but it covers much more ground than usual as well.

Of course, sprinting then jumping to slide down a hill also makes you slide much faster, just like in other titles such as Apex Legends.

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