How to Unlock Colorways in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Colorways Unlock
Gotham Knights Colorways Unlock / WB Games

Gotham Knights might not have a lot of characters to choose from, but that doesn't mean there are no customizable options to make the game more unique. The Colorways Unlock can drastically change the game for players.

Gotham Knights is the latest WB Games, released on Oct. 21, 2022. While the new game is not on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you can play it on the latest consoles and on PC. The game follows the story of the Bat Family as they continue to protect and defend Gotham after the passing of Batman in their unique universe. With just four characters to choose from, unlocking colorways is the best way to customize the game.

How to Unlock Colorways in Gotham Knights

Colorways is how players can customize their suits within the Gotham Knights game. The only way to unlock colorways for your characters is by simply progressing through the game and completing objectives and activities. By focusing on challenges, crafting sessions, and other objectives like case files, players can earn colorways in the game.

Unlocking each colorway involves completing a different challenge or objective, so take your time when playing through the game to make sure you do not skip anything, otherwise you will have to go back to complete a challenge.

Players will want to continue to push through the story and progress if they want to continue to unlock Colorways to customize their character. With multiplayer not working, now is the perfect time to grind on your suits to have some cool options available when the game is back up and running at 100 percent.