How to Unlock Ebony Wings in Vampire Survivors

Courtesy of Poncle

Wondering how to unlock Ebony Wings in Vampire Survivors? Don't worry, we've got the information you need to unlock it.

Vampire Survivors features over 32 weapons for players to use in their quest to survive the onslaughts of enemy creatures. Each of these weapons has unique abilities that can be strengthened by leveling up during runs. Not only do the weapons receive stat boosts from leveling up, but some can also merge and evolve into even stronger weapons for players to use. Although there are many powerful weapons in Vampire Survivors, Ebony Wings stands out on account of its destructive capabilities.

How to Unlock Ebony Wings in Vampire Survivor

Ebony Wings is a useful tools for players as it provides a ring of projectiles to their character. This barrier of explosive firepower comes in four sets of four projectiles while in use. Its abilities can also be enhanced through the use of Arcanas such as Twilight Requiem which makes projectiles receive different effects when used. Ebony Wings can reach up to level eight, and each level gained provides stat boosts as well as additional projectiles.

To unlock the Ebony Wings Weapon, players must first obtain the Peachone weapon. Peachone can be unlocked after having survived a level for ten minutes. Ebony Wings should appear as a playable weapon once you've gotten Peachone to level seven. This deadly bird is also the starting weapon for the secret character Exdash. Exdash can be obtained by typing "x-x1viiq" in the main menu or as a spell in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane.