How to Unlock More Weapons in Metal: Hellsinger

Image courtesy of Funcom

Metal: Hellsinger has finally been released and with it comes a vast arsenal of deadly weapons for players to rip through the underworld with. Here's how to unlock every weapon in the game.

Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythm FPS that thrusts players into the depths of the underworld, leaving them to master the rhythms of metal and escape the eight Hells. Players will take down demons and traverse the Hells while listening to tracks featuring various metal legends such as Serj Tankian and Mikael Stanne.

How to Unlock More Weapons in Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger boasts an arsenal of six unique weapons, each branded with powerful perks that will aid in your quest to escape the underworld. The player begins with some weapons from the start of the game and then the rest of the available arsenal is unlocked as the story is progressed. Each weapon has an ultimate ability that can be charged up by keeping in rhythm during combat.

  • Terminus: This sword is your initial weapon and available from the beginning of the game. It is a short range weapon that has the ability to deal additional damage to foes when three slices are made in a row. Its ultimate ability allows it to deal more rapid attacks.
  • Paz: This weapon is unlocked once the games tutorial is completed and provides long-rage damage. It holds infinite ammunition and when charged up can crystallize enemies. Its ultimate ability calls down a lightning strike that damages groups of enemies.
  • Persephone: This shotgun is made available during the Voke chapter and can hold upto eight bullets. Attacking on beat grants the ability to hit multiple enemies at once and its ultimate unleashes a devastating linear attack.
  • The Hounds: These pistols can be accessed during the Stygia chapter. They provide 12 rounds of ammunition and are most effective at long range. Its ultimate creates a clone of your character which fires at oncoming enemies.
  • Vulcan: The crossbow can be unlocked during the Yhelm chapter and carries two rounds of ammunition. This weapon has explosive ammunition and its ultimate creates a gravity well that draws in nearby enemies.
  • Hellcrow: These blades are the final weapon to be unlocked and are obtained in the Incaustis level. These weapons act like boomerangs and their ultimate brings forth Hellcrows that deal damage to enemies.