How Will Ranked Work in League of Legends 2022 Season?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

How will ranked work in League of Legends 2022 Season? Ranked will continue to be the same as it has been in League of Legends. The only change for this year is that Riot Games will be resetting ranks to a more traditional degree so that a player's matchmaking rating and LP are close together.

Riot mentioned in the Season 2022 livestream that last year, they had softened the reset a bit too much to the point where players were losing LP too quickly. Because of this softer reset, League of Legends' ranked players were falling from their ranks too easily. Riot has adjusted to this accordingly and players will notice the new ranked reset for this season.

Ranked will not be changing dramatically, however, a new system of ranking will be introduced to League of Legends through the challenges system. The challenges system follows the same Iron to Challenger ranking, but will be separate from actual player ranking.

How Will Ranked Work in League of Legends 2022 Season?

Playing ranked is still the same, where players gain LP or lose LP depending on whether they win or lose a ranked game of Summoner's Rift. However, the challenges system will unlock new achievements and ranked crests as more challenges are completed.

The challenges are split into five different categories. The more mission finished in each category, the higher a player's rank in that category will go up. Players will then be able to showcase the ranks of three categories that will appear on a player's lobby and in-game banner. Some challenges can be accomplished by skills while others can be accomplished based on the variance of the game.

Although the ranking system has not changed in League of Legends, ranked players should keep an eye out on the ranked reset that is different from last season's reset. Along with that, the challenges system will soon go live for all players and is currently being tested on PBE.