ImperialHal Refuses to Shoot DC'd Player During ALGS Year 2 Championship

"Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him, bro. He crashed."
"Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him, bro. He crashed." / Image courtesy of @BinuraMethmal_, Respawn Entertainment

In addition to being one of the most decorated competitors in all of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) scene, TSM Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen has long been one of the most outspoken when it comes to competitive integrity.

The self-proclaimed CEO of Apex's fan-favorite qualities were on full display once again this past weekend, refusing to kill an opponent that seemingly disconnected during the $2 million ALGS Year 2 Championship bracket stage.

"Wait, I hear somebody," ImperialHal said in the clip. "I thought I, this guy crashed! Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him, bro. He crashed."

With no hesitation, the TSM IGL told his teammates Jordan "Reps" Wolfe and Evan "Verhulst" Verhulst to stand down in what was one of the most eye-opening moments in esports.

"He 100% tabbed out or crashed or something," ImperialHal said.

Soon enough, after seeing the DC'd players' teammates fly in, the TSM trio decided to fall off and back to a nearby building.

Ultimately, both TSM and the tech-cursed SCARZ squad ended up fortunate enough to qualify for the finals, in which DarkZero would go on to become the Year 2 ALGS champs.

Hours later, ImperialHal soon took to Twitter himself to comment on the in-game interaction, "It’s the least every player can do out here with these issues."

Needless to say, in a ruthless competitive environment such as Apex, it's pretty unreal to see a level of sportsmanship such as this be displayed, in the game's biggest tournament to date, nonetheless.