Inflate-A-Bull Fortnite: What is it?

"Bounce around like a totally normal-looking cow… bounces… around…?"
"Bounce around like a totally normal-looking cow… bounces… around…?" / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

The Inflate-A-Bull in Fortnite is a brand-new utility item that is sure to shake up how players decide to rotate across the battle island.

As part of a v17.10 hotfix on July 13, Epic Games has dropped Inflate-A-Bulls onto the island, and while its appearance may seem deflating to some, its in-game utility is sure to win over the inventory slots of many players throughout the rest of Chapter 2 Season 7.

Inflate-A-Bull Fortnite: What is it?

Much like the way the Jetpack functioned like a wearable item, the rare-tiered Inflate-A-Bull works as suit that makes its user immune to fall damage, while also allowing them to roll and bounce at high velocities across the map.

To use an Inflate-A-Bull, simply jump while in midair to activate it, regardless of it's equipped or not. Other than simply mooing, players can control how fast they drop by increasing the suit's weight.

The longer a player stays in an Inflate-A-Bull, the more its usage bar decreases. Additionally, if it gets shot, an Inflate-A-Bull will protect its user inside, but also pop simultaneously.

Once popped, it takes a while for an Inflate-A-Bull to self-repair and become available for use again. However, if a player decides to deflate it manually, it'll be ready for use again in much less time.

Some other miscellaneous features of the item to keep in mind is that using an Inflate-A-Bull removes any Alien Parasite attached to you and attracts the attention of nearby AI Trespasser-piloted Saucers. Since Aliens seem to love abducting cows, of course.

On the top floor of the IO base east of Weeping Woods, Inflate-A-Bulls are sold by the NPC Rick Sanchez for 25 Gold Bars. They can also be found in IO chests, supply drops, chests and floor Loot.

At the time of writing, it appears Inflate-A-Bulls are disabled in competitive playlists as Epic Games are investigating an issue related to it that makes players invisible.