Is Apex Legends Shutting Down in 2024? Answered

Find out if Apex Legends is shutting down in 2024 here.
Find out if Apex Legends is shutting down in 2024 here. / Respawn Entertainment

As 2023 comes to a close, some fans are speculating about the future of Apex Legends in 2024.

Apex Legends might have delivered some shaky updates in 2023, but overall, the Battle Royale is ending the year on a high. Coming off a high-profile, successful collaboration with Post Malone and launch of new fan-favorite Legend, Conduit, Respawn Entertainment will be looking to carry the momentum of Apex Legends: Ignite into 2024.

However, despite the current success, there are still plenty of fans upset with the state of the game. Most recently, they expressed their outrage at the lack of Winter Express in Apex Legends during the holiday season. As the calendar year changes, what adjustments lie ahead for the Battle Royale?

Is Apex Legends Shutting Down in 2024? Answered

No, Apex Legends is not shutting down in 2024. In fact, the game will provide players with plenty of new content in the upcoming year. With Season 19 set to end in February 2024, the developers are undoubtedly already planning their next major update.

The next few seasons in 2024 could offer everything from a new Legend to a new map. Plus, one of your favorite Legends could finally get an Heirloom or a Prestige skin. Although not much is known about Apex Legends Season 20, we do know that the Battle Royale is certainly not shutting down in the coming months.

Is Apex Legends Mobile Coming Back in 2024? Answered

As of now, it seems unlikely that Apex Legends Mobile is coming back in 2024. The game was shut down in May 2023 after it failed to truly gain a foothold in the mobile game industry. Although Respawn Entertainment tried to keep the game exciting with a first-person shooter mode and exclusive rewards, fans simply did not play the game enough for the developers to keep it running.

Without a definitive statement from the developers, though, there is always the possibility that Apex Legends Mobile could make a surprise reappearance in the new year. Stay tuned for more updates as 2024 unfolds.