Is Attack on Titan Coming to Fortnite Chapter 4 in 2023?

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Fortnite fans have been hoping for an Attack on Titan crossover for some time, so will we be seeing one in Chapter 4?

In the past we've seen huge, successful collaborations with some of the biggest anime brands around. Dragon Ball, Naruto and My Hero Academia have received Fortnite skins, Quests and themed weapons that have changed the landscape of the battle royale island. Just recently, Epic Games rolled out a second wave of its Dragon Ball collaboration, adding in Gohan and Piccolo to the roster.

But one popular franchise has been on plenty of fan wishlists for a while: Attack on Titan.

Though the manga has been over for some time, the anime is set to receive the third part of its final season on March 4, 2023. Coincidentally, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 seems poised to start on March 11. What better way to boost the excitement than by dropping Eren, Mikasa, Armin or Levi into the world of Fortnite.

Is Attack on Titan Coming to Fortnite Chapter 4 in 2023?

Epic Games hasn't confirmed any new upcoming anime collaborations, and likely won't until we're closer to a planned release date — if there's one at all. Fans shouldn't get their hopes up for an Attack on Titan collaboration, but it wouldn't be far from the realm of possibility.

We've seen Epic Games add in attacks like the Kamehameha and Deku's Smash, as well as transformative powers in the past. To add in the ability to use the ODM Gear or to transform into a Titan wouldn't be a hard feat to pull off.

While the demand is certainly there to see an Attack on Titan collab, it remains to be seen whether Epic Games has any plan to roll it out in season 2.